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MISSING person! The words on the poster drew yours truly closer. The photograph of the lady is simply breathtaking; a missing beauty would certainly make any heart skip a beat. The words and the face conjure all kinds of images and you are in wonderland. What could have happened to this beauty? Was she kidnapped by a beast(s)? How could she just vanish into thin air without imagining the pain her disappearing act would cause?

Dead or alive, the truth of the matter here is that she is deeply missed. This reminds yours truly of a missing heart, like people hearts can be missing. So, what kind of heart are we likely to miss? you ask. A sweet heart is a jolly good fellow, someone who brings sunshine (love) into your world, a heart that radiates joy and one who spreads love in mega doses and there certainly is never a dull moment.

A missing heart is a lost heart; it is over but somehow you just cannot let go. The more you want to forget and move on, it keeps creeping back but there is a lot of uncertainty here. Searching for the lost or missing comes with tales of frustration. The missing person who ran away must have escaped from something or someone, a partner who is aggressive, selfish or non-challant about your feelings.

Well, somehow, you cannot be judgmental on the emotional corridor. For many, its the gambling arena. Sometimes you put in an emotional coin and sweep the stakes. As a winner, you smile everywhere and you are likely to attract more hearts. Everybody loves a winner and you may just be overwhelmed by the level of attention you are getting here and there. You are in the season of love and the best thing to do is to put on your thinking cap and not the emotional cap. If you do not make the best of the emotional coupons, you may just waste them.

Unfortunately, there are times when you put in all your savings and walk out without a dime.

With and his your truly heart(s) are hurting and they would be glad to see her back or know exactly what has happened to her. As you think about the possibilities, you heart continues to sink.

Two close pals who know her story comes to the rescue. That babe ran away. No, this cant be. How can anyone run away from an environment where the hearts around appear to be so loving? Imagine the cost of producing those bright, coloured posters; imagine the number of people to be contacted, if our dear friend is found. They really care, dont they?

Forget about the bright, coloured poster and the effect created about a heart that is being missed.

What actually happened was the case of a missing heart. Her heart left a long time ago. Whatever you are feeling comes from a cumulative effect of your feelings and how you feel for the other person. The vibes from your emotions cannot be compared to the effects you get from a solo instrument; instead you get better like a choir or an orchestra with several voices. So at every phase in your relationship, you have got to ask yourself pertinent questions about what your mind is saying, what your heart is saying, as well as what your gut is saying.

This is very interesting because there are times when your heart says you have found love but somewhere along the line your mind is warning you about the consequence and more.

The crux of the matter here is that we must learn how to build the right kind of relationship. We must strive to make those who think we love them happy and have memories that linger. The big question, however, is how many of us have learnt how to build loving relationships? If we have done this, then it is important to make use of the essentials and allow others to appreciate what we are enjoying in our relationships.

As you take a look around, you find that there is an art and science to building strong relationships. The first type is to create a safe environment, a place where trust is key and lovebirds are free to share ideas and not allow one persons interests to dominate the other. No, it isnt always a smooth ride and there would certainly be days when you need to shout and get angry. Yes, there are days when the emotional battle line is drawn, but, again, when you get to this emotional crossroads, it is better to fight fairly. Of course, for many it is almost impossible to get to anger zone and still maintain some level of sanity.

Interestingly, you can do this by making your points and addressing the areas that you want to see changes. To do this effectively, there should be no name calling, dont make threats and it is also very important to apologize when you know you should.

However, if things get really bad and out of hand, then you are likely to get too angry to really listen. If your emotions have really gone down the drain, then it is better to take a break, give yourself some space and calm down.

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