Joomta is a free-to-join referral platform that pays you up N40,000 every month for referring people.


Never miss the chance to join now and cash out. Make sure you read all details below and use my referrals link for registration. Awesome!



Joomta is a stress-free program that pays its members for every user they bring to the program.


One referral gives you N400 and assuming you referred 100 people, you will get N40,000 whopping money. And kindly note that this money will be paid directly to your local bank account.


Now that I have told you the little details about it, I will proceed to tell you more about it.



PAYMENT: They pay N400 per referral, and 100 referred users gives you N40,000 which will be paid directly to your bank account.


HOW DO THEY MAKE THEIR OWN MONEY? They make their money from alternative pop-up adverts they integrate on their website. From this earning, they pay all their members.


WHEN DO I CASH OUT? You can always cash out every 3rd of every month. And if the day falls to be Saturday or Sunday, you will be paid on working days like Monday to Friday.


WHAT IS THE HIGHEST REFERRALS? The maximum referral for the month is 100 people which is N40,000 and if you exceed this number, your other referrals will rollover to next month for payment as 100 will be paid first.


IS REGISTRATION FREE? Yes, is hundred percent free. That’s the best part and what Nigerians need most in an online income program at the moment. Yea, JOOMTA made it absolutely FREE for everyone.


WHAT IS THE MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL? The least number of people you can refer to cash out is 2 and above. If you are not able to meet up with it, you should try hard to refer more people.



You can register on Joomta by following this my referrals link >>


Once on the page, insert your first name, last name, username, bank name and bank number and other necessary details and tap on the “SIGN UP” button to complete registration.



So easy right?



You can refer people from social media, at least you should have some friends at home and on social media. Chat with them and share your Joomta invitation link to them for registration in order to earn.


And also, join popular forums and WhatsApp groups to share your Joomta invitation link but do not spam in order to avoid ban or being removed. Understand the people on the group or forum, and post as if you are talking to people and get them use your referrals link for registration.


Other methods you can refer people is through your blog, timeline or other places where your targeted audience are located.


If you have other questions, kindly drop it below in the comment section for quick solution, thanks.

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